The mobile photography toolkit

There was a time when I used to carry around my Nikon D5000 to every meetup, party, event or wedding . I used to love it. Especially shooting with the 55-300mm lens.

With time, I have moved to taking pictures with my iPhone and I am happy about it. They say the best camera is the one you have with you.

I like Instagram, they have a great collection of filters and sharing on social networks is just a tap away. Have to admit I was addicted to it in the begining, so much that we even built a web viewer when the web viewer for Instagram didn’t exist. But today I feel there is more to moments than a square crop.

Here are some of the other apps I rely on for my photography taste today.

VSCO Cam – I think the app has great granular controls in a slick interface. And the preset available via in-app purchases is the best in the category! I still miss tilt shift in the app though. Also check out the photos on their website by featured users. They look great!

Tadaa – This was my app of choice before Instagram. I had nailed Tilt shift and had a good variety of presets too. Also check out Tadaa SLR for some great depth of field/bokehs in post production.

Typic+ – Sometimes a few words and design elements on a picture have a great impact. I use Typic for that. You can even check out Over for similar functionalities.

Photos+ – I like the way the photos are showcased in the original aspect ratio rather than the square crop in the default camera roll (don’t know why I hate the square crop so much). Plus it does a good job of quickly telling the camera settings for the shot and location information.

Camera Plus – Great camera app. Especially the control over the focus modes is a nice touch. Plus the self timer option for group photos.

So these make up my photography kit at the moment. Would love to know what apps you are using for photography.

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